HO'OPONOPONO – open your heart!

Through HO'OPONOPONO Private Sessions, guided by me – KUMU Allen Elia Alapa'i, you get the opportunity to finally let go of old weight or burden. Such as fear, anger, jealousy, sadness. Since childhood with this special Healing Lifestyle HO'OPONOPONO  I have the ability to listen carefully to help guide people back home to their heart. This allows me to guide Family Members, Neighbors, Friends, Managers and Employees, Doctors and Patients, so each individual can be open without fear to be judged.  

In this Forgiveness Ritual criticism and judgement is not allowed. This is when we are finally hearing our True Spirit and then transformation will finally begin. In HO'OPONOPONO Sessions it is important that everyone who is involved gets a chance to open his heart and share their feelings to one another and to be heard, to be the TRUE YOU. As KUMU I am guided and will be here to guide and help you to reach FORGIVENESS – the KEY what turns off the head and the mind and what opens the Heart again to play together. 


Everyone knows conflicts or words that have been held in and not spoken because of fear. We carry this weight in our bodies, and especially in our Hearts. What happens when Heart closes? We are no longer able to communicate with the Heart, instead we use our head. Communication stops, thus Disharmony and Silence comes in.

My goal is to bring Balance, Love and Peace back into our Hearts. We are again able

to listen to each other, misunderstandings disappear and ALOHA – the Unconditional Love can take place in the heart. I am ready to guide you in your Private Session and to share my Knowledge, my Patience and my ALOHA with you!


HO'OPONOPONO ist suitable for
   •  Individual problems and challenges 
   •  Family counseling 
   •  Teenage Counseling 
   •  Marriage Counseling
   •  Resolving conflicts in a community or society 
   •  Healing through self-healing

   •  Successfully tested in social and youth work