HO'OPONOPONO – Make things right

ALOHA to everyone who is attracted to reading this important message. 


As KUMU ALLEN ELIA ALAPA'I  I am the original KUMU – the original Teacher of HO'OPONOPONO LOMILOMI taught to me by my KUPUNA WAHINE – my Grandmother. It is the traditional Art of Healing of my 'OHANA – my Family. In search of a HUI 'OHANA – a Family of Healers I share this Knowledge with all those, who hear the call and come to be a part of my TEAM OF ALOHA GIVERS.


I am coming all the way from HAWAI'I to bring HAWAI'I to you! I am ready to share the knowledge of the KUPUNA – the Wise Elders of HAWAI'I and the knowledge of my KUPUNA WAHINE - my GRANDMA. To KOKUA - that means to help guide those who are ready to turn off the MIND and open the HEART once again ... and start to FEEL LIFE.


We are living in a time of E ALA E - of Awakening called Consciousness. They say when the students are ready the teachers will appear ... I am here!

All of my 'OHANA – my Team Members know the importance of the Hawai'ian Traditional System of HO'OPONOPONO – a FORGIVENESS RITUAL where criticism and judgement is not allowed. To make things right, to make Balance, to talk out all the trapped unsettled things we hold inside for getting in Harmony again with ourselves, our Family and our environment. Negative energies are the cause of a lot of today's high stress sickness, diseases, sleeplessness, unhappiness, fears and sadness what can cause blockades and knots in our body.


 But now people are ready to LELE – to let go as we Hawai'ans say. FORGIVENESS is the KEY FOR HEALING. This is when we are finally hearing our TRUE SPIRIT and the transformation will finally begin.


I am ready to share my Knowledge of the HO'OPONOPONO STEPS, my Patience and my ALOHA with you and also to teach Rituals, PULE – Prayers and Male – Chants for your daily use.


Are you MAKAUKAU?  MAHALO NUI LOA – thank you for taking time to FEEL this message and listen with your Heart!

KUMU Allen Elia Alapa'i and KUMU Kahililaulani Alapa'i


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