Lecture Ho'oponopono

ALOHA KAKOU – ALOHA to Everyone!


It is a great Honour to come and share the ALOHA – the BREATH OF LIFE to all of you ... who are MAKAUKAU – who are ready to help our troubled World to HEAL! Starting with yourself first, then your Family, your Community and eventually ... the World. Because ... I know in MY Heart ... 

       Aloha can heal the World 

HO'OPONOPONO was our Family Ritual we did every night before going to sleep ... to make right, to make Balance ... to talk it out, to release all negative emotions that are held in the Mind, Body and in the Spirit. Blocking the HEART ... stopping the Flow and forgetting to FEEL Life. But thru my Family Ritual of HO'OPONOPONO I will share the benefits of the outcome of applying HO'OPONOPONO to every 'OHANA – every Family in the World... Life would be more in Harmony and Balance ... HO'OPONOPONO!


It is a part of our Hawai'ian Culture ... to FEEL Life ... to BE in Harmony and Balance with ourselves first. Then People of all Nations, all living Animals on Land and in the Sea and

then to all the Elements of  Nature. Nature is the reason the Hawai'ian People have PULE – Prayers , OLI – Chants, MELE – Songs, HULA – Dance and MO'OLELO – Story Telling. It is Our Connection To AKUA - God ... and Nature is our God ! 


The Sun, the Moon, the Wind, the Rain, the Sea, the Sky, the Birds, the Bees, the Flowers,

the Trees ... ALL HAVE SPIRIT ! When we become our TRUE SPIRIT we become ONE SPIRIT – the FLOW. Then we blend into the SPIRIT OF ALOHA – that means UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. With our Hearts open we start to FEEL Life again ! And LIVE Life again!


Lectures 2017

KUPUNA is the Hawai'ian word which means ... Elders, Wise Ones, Grandparents, Ancestors, Guides and Teachers. They are the most Respected People In HAWAI'I! NANA I KE KUMU – We look to them to show us the Way to Live ALOHA. I had the Honour to have a special KUPUNA WAHINE – Grandmother who shared with us ... many Secrets of Life.


Now I am ready to share some of my 'OHANA – my Family Knowledge. So the people can

WAKE-UP and PLAY again! And be a part of a TEAM ... spreading the ALOHA to everyone and everyday. MAHALO ... from Heart To Heart. ALOHA ! 

Pump us up Ladies!