NEW: Ho'oponopono LomiLomi Intensive Course, Kaua'i, Hawai'i

10 day intensive course, Level A & B

17. – 27. February 2019

Level A and Level B with Kumu Kahililaulani Alapa'i

and Kumu Kahealani Amber Alapa'i 

Lomi 'Ōpū Intensive Workshop

Aloha kakou,


Kumu Kahealani Amber Alapa'i is a teacher

of her Families traditional Hawai'ian

Massage Ho'oponopono LomiLomi. 

At a young age, She was taught by her 

Father Allen Alapa'i who was a Master

of LomiLomi.

Ho'oponopono LomiLomi

I am the original KUMU – Teacher of HO'OPONOPONO LOMILOMI and  in search of a HUI 'OHANA – the ones who heard my call .. to come be a part of my "Team of ALOHA Givers" – a group of Family Healers, that will be part of my team. HANAI is the hawai'ian word which means to adopt, to bring into family. This is the protocol I will use. We will do a ritual that the HAUMANA – the Students will actually represent my lineage, my Grandmother and my Ancestors. This will be really family.

Noho Lomi Workshop

NOHO means to sit and LOMI means to make soft and massage.

NOHO LOMI is a social art of helping people to release their everyday stress, while sitting, having conversations and enjoying each others company at any place you like.

Ho'oponopono Workshop

All my 'OHANA knows the importance of the Hawaiian traditional system of HO'OPONOPONO. To make things right, to make balance, to talk out all the trapped unsettled things we hold inside. In my 'OHANA we made this ritual every evening and everyone shares his story and at first the best of his day. This is the way learning to listen and understand each other and to respect each others voice.


It is a great Honour to come and share the  BREATH OF LIFE – this is the meaning of ALOHA. 

To all of you ... Who are ready – MAKAUKAU ... to HELP – to give KOKUA to our troubled World and to HEAL! Starting with yourself first. Then your Family, your Community, and eventually the World. Because I know in my HEART ... 

      Aloha can heal the World

Making of 'Aloha can heal the World'