Na KUMU – Teacher, Source

 Aloha kakou – Aloha to everyone 

We just opened the doors to the opportunity of learning from HAWAI'I KANAKA MAOLI  a Native of HAWAI'I.  To bring HAWAI'I... here to all of you to SHARE with the people our Hawai'ian Culture ... and

the way of living ALOHA from our Heart to your Heart.

My name is Allen Elia Alapa'i and I am KUMU LOMILOMI – a Teacher of LOMILOMI. We come from a quiet peaceful town on the GARDEN ISLAND of Kaua'i ... the town of Hanalei. We live a very simple native way of life ... living with nature ... from the mountains to the sea ... knowing our purpose of LIVING LIFE in harmony with 'OHANA KA HONUA – Family of Earth, then we have direction.  




Blessed with so many wonderful NA KUMU – Teachers, KUPUNA – Grandparents, 'OHANA – Ancestors, worldwide Journeys ... meeting Shamans, Gurus, Yogis, Monks, First Nation Tribes like Australian Aboriginess, Maori Chiefs and ALI‘I – Royality, all our South Pacific 'OHANA from Tahiti, Samoa, Fiji and Gilipaki Islands, the Hawai'ian Islands, and all my connections to the Home Land of my Heart and all the people who shared their "Direction" – showing the WAY OF LIFE with me. I am in deep Gratitude to everyone ... MAHALO NUI LOA KAKOU !!! 



This Journey began as all Journeys should begin ... at Home ... gifted from many Generations of Healers in my Family.


I represent my KUPUNA KANE - Grandpa, 

KUPUNA WAHINE – Grandma, MAKUA KANE – Father, MAKUAHINE – Mother, O KAILI, O ALAPA'I 'OHANA ... who gave me the SPIRIT OF ALOHA ... and one day "when the time is right" share ALOHA with the World !!!

E ALA E – Wake up!


I was very blessed at a young age to be guided by my KUPUNA WAHINE – my Grandma. Being one of twelve children with seven sisters and four brothers – my Grandma chose me to carry on and represent my genealogy and the ancient Healing Art of the Heart, Body, of Thoughts and the Spirit in our 'OHANA.


I was given this mission to come, share and teach the Knowledge that I was gifted. As a native Hawai'ian it is my KULEANA – I am so ready to share my Family's HUNA – the Secrets and Knowledge to all who will listen with their hearts.



My name is Kahililaulani Alapa'i, named after

my Grandmother. I am a KANAKA MAOLI – a native Hawai'ian. I grew up on the West Shores

of Oahu, farming, fishing and gathering the herbs LA'AU LAPA'AU for healing. My mother Jean Kawehionapua was an Hawai'ian KUPUNA – Elder, teaching MELE – Music, HULA – Dance, HO'OPONOPONO and aids in spiritual and physical ailments. She has helped many and

all remember her for her laughter.


Growing up with Mom, this was the Way of Life and it became mine. I continue to carry on her Knowledge and Teachings with my 'OHANA

my Family and others around the world and most of all in my Homeland of HAWAI'I.

HULA – Dance


The Traditional Hawai'ian Dance carried on through lineage – is expressed with Love – ALOHA, Poise, Strength and Dignity of our Culture. Honouring the Ancestors, Land, Water and everything with spiritual connection. 

 HU-LA means overflowing MANA – Life Energy. To us Hawai'ians the ancient, traditional and ritual HULA KAHIKO is a sacred, spiritual Dance which strict protocol is not meant to be changed. Additional to the old HULA KAHIKO there also exist the modern HULA 'AUANA with it's soft and flowing motions.



where your hands are moving let your eyes follow.HULA is poesy and harmony, it tells a story or myth. Each step and movement has a certain meaning. It is the expression of our Culture and History.

ALOHA can heal the world

Welcome to our 'Ohana!