Welcome to our Park –                       the GARDEN ISLAND OF KAUA'I

KAUA'I – the HEALING ISLAND – we call it the GRANDMOTHER ISLAND. It is the oldest Island of HAWAI'I likea Grandmother that welcomes you home to rest, recharge, receive, but most of all to rejoice! Get ready – HO'O MAKAUKAU !  to PLAY in this Paradise Park! Here you feel the magic mountains surrounding you, cleansing waterfalls, the smell of flowers ... and Rainbows everywhere!

We are coming from a small town called HANALEI, and we enjoy the ocean in our Hanalei Bay. When you come to our home you will FEEL LIFE. KAUA'I  will embrace all CONSCIOUS PEOPLE those coming from the Heart ... not the Mind. So close your eyes, deep breathe ... and SMILE! 

Life in Hanalei

The meaning of ALOHA

ALOHA is the Hawai'ian' peoples way of greeting each other – greeting everyone, no matter how many times we will connect or reconnect throughout the day. But what is the meaning of ALOHA?


ALO is Life ... and HA means Breath ... THE BREATH OF LIFE. This is a reminder to everyone. Are we happy to have the BREATH OF LIFE ... everyday, every moment? So when we express this greeting to everyone we are saying: "Nice to see you alive with the BREATH OF LIFE ... ALOHA !!!"




My Teacher – my KUPUNA WAHINE and my MAKUA  (Dad and Mom) – taught us KAMALI'I – us Children the deeper meaning of ALOHA. ALOHA is a Feeling ... this Knowledge that people all over the world forgot. The deeper meaning of ALOHA is ... UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. The world is in a lot of stress, confusion, mistrust and no direction. It is "Time" to share the ALOHA to the world ... unconditionally ... because 

                           Aloha can heal the World 



MANA is the Spiritual Life Force

and Power, that guides us in our  Hawaiian healing work. It is the Power, the Energy we receive, when using the proper protocols of PULE  prayers  and OLI – Chants. This is the direct connection to AKUA – God, to the KUPUNA – Ancestors and the Higher Forces that helps us every moment in this Sacred Healing Service to others.

In HAWAI'I we believe we have a genealogical and spiritual connection to nature and everything it provides. For us stars in the Sky are our Mother, the Sky is our Father, Earth is our Grandma, KALO (TARO) Plant is the eldest Brother and the Islands are Aunties und Uncles. We can trace our ancestry back to all things in Nature.

As an ancient plant, Polynesian Legends describes that TARO existed before first humans lived. The God of Sky WAKEA had buried his first son, because he was born stillbornNext dayTARO plant grew on this place and WAKEA gave the name HA-LOA – Long Breath, Eternal Breath. His second son is named after this plant child and he was seen as first human being. That's why TARO is honored as oldest ancestor of all human kind. As a very nutritious plant the roots traditionally are boiled, peeled and smashed into puree: POI – our favorite dish. We love it when it's getting sour through fermentation. On KAUA'I Thursdays is POI Day. It is produced in Hanalei and delivered around the Island.                                                                                                              

The word 'AINA means "The land which feeds us" and the word MAKA'AINANA is the "People, that watches and take care of this Land". We have a deep connection to the Land, Sea, Nature and Universe. We call ourselves KEIKI O KA 'AINA – "Children of the Land". This connection comes from a strong spiritual and cultural belief system. 
'AINA is not just Land, it represents a relationship as one, connecting you back to your roots, your ancestors. 
MALAMA KA 'AINA means to take care of the Land and the Land will take care of you. This is one of the most important philosophies in the Hawaiian Culture having great respect for Nature and knowing that people and Nature must work together in harmony.  Watch the colors of the enviroment, the smells and fragrances, this feeling you get in each area you are in, at that moment.

Baby Boy and Baby Girl

My GRANDMA told me that this beautiful world we are living in is our Park and we should go out and play everyday in this Park with each other and open our Heart. To become BABY BOY and BABY GIRL again. This is about you and your true Spirit !